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Share what you love about the Wildwoods!

People Love the Wildwoods and it shows… by all of the fans who have already “shared their love” of the Wildwoods below! We want you to “Share YOUR Love” of the Wildwoods, too.

Enjoy reading what our visitors have to say about why they love the Wildwoods… or visit this link and tell us for yourself!


    —cheryl, BALTIMORE, md
    “Wildwood is the most amazing vacation spot ever. I grew up coming to Wildwood with my parents and siblings since I was born. I am now 54. I have taken my children and grandchildren there each year since they were born. Now we get to take the newest member for his first time, he is 8 months old. I have never missed a year yet. Everyone is so friendly and the food is outstanding. The beach is so big and clean. The rides are so much fun along with the boardwalk that is just the right size. ”
  • “Everything”

    —Loretta, Sicklerville, NJ
    “My children, who are now adults, vacationed every year in Wildwood and loved everything about it. We loved the boardwalk, the beach, the old house where we used to stay, which I am sad that it has been replaced by condos, the playgrounds, even movie night that they used to have one night a week at the playground. It was our special place. ”
  • “We Love The Wildwoods For Our Reunions”

    —Donna, Phila, Pa
    “Vacationing with the entire family for a week every year. We are a small family but it is growing from our children, and now grandchildren. Each year about 20 of us plan our week in Wildwood. We take friends and have started traditions for others too. My husband and I first went together to Wildwood when I was 16, he was 20, I am now 58 and he is 62. Our parents went on bus excursions or drove down for weekends, his mother sponsored some of those trips. This is our Reunion now, I can't wait 2015.”
  • “Love those Wildwood dayz”

    —derrick, Philadelphia, pa
    “I love everything about Wildwood, New Jersey. The neighborhood, the people, the restaurants, the boardwalk, the salt air and the beach. The whole Wildwood experience is this great - it's just the best thing that ever happened to me.”
  • “First Time Visiting with My 3 Young Sons”

    —Dora, Allentown, PA
    “We stood at a campground. They had RV trailers we rented with all accommodations. We spent the day at the boardwalk, went on a boat dolphin watching, went to a great restaurant, rented bikes - we all fit and rode around the boardwalk. Kids played on the arcades. Ate their delicious food. We had a blast and are planning another trip this year - can't wait. I luv NJ!”
  • “Wildwood ”

    —stephen, reinholds, pa
    “I love Wildwood. My aunt used to take us kids. I lived and worked there, and now I take my son and wife every year. ”
  • “SeaCharmed”

    —Tracey, Bear, De
    “Absolutely Everything!! Family tradition, plentiful food choices, and loads of fun. ”
  • “Love The Waters”

    —Jamal, Philadelphia, Pa
    “We haven't been in like two years. I really miss the beaches...that's what I live for...the ocean. The boardwalk is exciting because of the so many places to see. The night is lit bright, the cool air coming off the ocean is so relaxing. And the kids love Morey's Piers! It would be great to go back this summer! We can't wait to go back! ”

    —joyce conway, parkville, MD
    “The wildwoods have everything for everyone. No matter how young or old you are... there is always something fun to do.. whether its just lying on beach or walking the boards.. people watching or biking in the morning.. my favorite thing to do is get a piece of mack's pizza mostly every day of my vacation... Thanks for being such a great place to relax and have fun”
  • “Love the Ocean”

    —Val, Souderton, PA
    “The Wildwoods is a clean, safe, family-friendly environment & a wonderful place to enjoy the ocean, beach and boardwalk. Love the fudge and salt water taffy !”
  • “We Love Our WildWoods!!!!!!!!”

    —Marie, North White Plains, NY
    “My husband and I and our daughter an my mom have been going to Wildwood for over 25 years!!! We Love the beaches the boardwalk and the food. The best Wildwood Italian Restraunt is Gia's on Pacfic Ave, the food is amazing and the staff is great!!!! There is so much to do that spending a week is not enough!!!! So come on take your family and head down to the best beaches in Jersey The Wildwoods!!!!!!!!”
  • “Family friendly”

    —Jan, Lemoyne, PA
    “I am third generation vacationer at Wildwood. We have introduced our granddaughter to this fabulous vacation spot and now we are at four generations. Hoping for many more years here.”
  • “Wildwood Days Forever”

    —Charles J., Oreland, Pa.
    “After more than 50 years of August vacations in the Wildwoods what's left to Love--Memories, great times, fine dining, great beach, boardwalk and the memorable "Watch the Tram Car please! Wildwood Vacations now and for many years to come!”
  • “Lovin' them Wilwood days for the rest of my life”

    —Regina, Carneys Point, NJ
    “I can't even put into words how much I love Wildwood! Right now, in March it is snowing and I am writing how I love the Wilwoods (real commitment there lol)! I have been going down to Wildwood ever since I was little and have never spent a summer without going. My absolute favorite pizza place is Macks and I love curlys fries! My all time favorite, relaxing beach to visit is Wildwood Crest. The fudgy wudgy man brings the little kid out of me as I runup with my money and ask for a Chaco-taco. ”
  • “Wildwood Days Forever”

    —Charles J., Oreland, Pa.
    “What can one say after more than 45 years plus of vacations in the Wildwoods!!!! Memories, memories and memories yet to come as we look forward to our 2015 Vacation in the Wildwoods! Nothing like the Wildwoods!!!”
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