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Share what you love about the Wildwoods!

People Love the Wildwoods and it shows… by all of the fans who have already “shared their love” of the Wildwoods below! We want you to “Share YOUR Love” of the Wildwoods, too.

Enjoy reading what our visitors have to say about why they love the Wildwoods… or visit this link and tell us for yourself!

  • “Wildwood Love”

    —michelle, Hays, ks
    “There is nothing I hate about Wildwood. Its free beach, nice hotels and friendly people. I LOVE WILDWOOD!”

    —Latisha, Philadelphia, Pa
    “I love Wildwood Nj, its the best place on earth. Wildwood brings your family together and it also gives you great memories, the great boardwalk, beach, rides, water parks,food,and the best hotels and the best seagulls lol. HOME AWAY FROM HOME”
  • “Love??????”

    —Peter, Lumberton , Nj
    “I love Wildwood because of the great beaches and the boardwalk. Not to mention the great hotels!”
  • “My Wildwood Memories!!!”

    —ceovxiyrc, ,
    “My Grandfather went to Wildwood as a child. He took my Father there as a baby & my Father took me. I started to date my future husband there & I in turn took my children & grandchildren to Wildwood. I have so much love for this place & I know my grandchildren will take their children someday!!”
  • “Love Those Wildwood Days”

    —Elisa, Moss, New Jersey
    “Love enjoying time with my family at the shore. Been coming to Wildwood since the '70s when I was a kid. Now my children have great memories of our vacations here. ”
  • “What's NOT to love about Wildwood?”

    —Ross Trovato, Mattydale, NY
    “A stay in Wildwood is the PERFECT vacation! A short walk from your hotel takes you to the wide, flawlessly-maintained beach for a day in the surf, or a night on the boards. And, the FOOD! WHAT do you eat FIRST??!! I've been going ''down the shore'' SOMEWHERE since '72 - to Wildwood since '96 - and, in my opinion, it richly deserves the title it has claimed for a number of years - ''BEST BEACH ON THE JERSEY SHORE''! Can you guess where I'll be come July? CAN'T WAIT!”
  • “A memorable summer with all our loved ones!!!”

    —Jean-fran├žois, Longueuil, Qc
    “My wife and I were hoping for a summer vacation with all our family, and here we are, enjoying the beach, the sun and the beautiful ocean. Ahhhh, we enjoyed every minute of it. Too bad they could only stay for a week. Hopefully we'll be able to do this again with another one of our grandchildren. One of my daughter's is expecting a third one!!!!! We love them so much and time spent with our family is really a blessing. See you next summer!”
  • “Coming home”

    —Constable eric bradway, Usa, Pa
    “It's like coming home when we come back to Wildwood!”
  • “I Love Wildwood NJ”

    —Latisha, Philadelphia, Pa
    “Wildwood is the best, me and my family would go every summer. We would wake up in the morning and get on some bikes and ride up and down the boardwalk then we also stop and have breakfast on the boardwalk. After that we would go back to the hotel and get ready for the beach - after the beach we will go back to the hotel to get in the pool and cookout or after a swim at the pool we would go out to eat. When we are done with dinner we would walk up and down the boardwalk, play games, and get on rides.”
  • “Best Beach Ever!”

    —Samantha, Gallitzin, Pa
    “ I have been to the Wildwoods 1 year and it was absolutely awesome! There was attractions for all ages, lots of cool shops on the boardwalk, and free samples everywhere! Morey's Pier was nice! Lots of rides that were so fun! And waterslides too! I would come back to the Wildwoods every year!”
  • “ I love Wildwood days!”

    —victoria, ,
    “I've been coming to Wildwood with my family since 2001 and we love it. Wildwood has so much to offer such as, the food, games, stores, the saltwater candy and fudge that is so good. We are planning our 2014 Wildwood vacation right now and can not wait. Victoria W. Philadelphia,Pa.”
  • “Wildwood my home away from home. <3”

    —Meghan, Mahopac, New York
    “There's much to love about the Wildwoods. Everyone will tell you what they love about the Wildwoods. I love the restaurants, boardwalk, concerts, hotels, and the fun events they have in Wildwood. I hope to go to Wildwood to try their chip tornado from the boardwalk. I just have to have one, I saw it on FoodNetwork on Unwrapped on tv. The chip tornado look good. It isn't truly summer without Wildwood. I never stop thinking of Wildwood. Wildwood, I miss you and I hope to see you next year. <3”
  • “Love those Wild, Wild, Wildwoods days!!!”

    —Jeanine Zaleski, Wilkes- Barre, Pa.
    “The Wildwoods hold such a special place in my heart. The preserved retro feeling from hotel to diners, shops... the nostalgia, the history behind this gem of NJ, the boardwalk... ( watch the tram car please) Those big glorious beaches, the beautiful entrance leading you up to that fabulous WILWOODS sign with beach balls... all there is to do from Spring through Fall, especially LOVE coming down for Fabulous 50'S weekend!!! Just puts a smile in my heart everytime we visit! Thank you Wildwoods <3”
  • “Wildwood...forever in our heart and memories”

    —Susan, Lothian, Maryland
    “I can not begin to explain the feeling I get when I first walk on the boardwalk. I have been going to Wildwood for over 30 years and I have now shared the experience with my daughters. The beaches and boardwalk are beautiful. I love walking the boardwalk morning, day, or night and love the entire feel of the moment. My girls love it so much, they worked in Wildwood for summer 2012 and met amazing friends from Ireland. Wildwood will always be a part of our family. LOVE WILDWOOD!!!”
  • “Childhood memories”

    —BethAnn, Reading, Pa
    “My best childhood memories with my cousins and family are in Wildwood. Are we there yet? LOL. To this day I still wish to live there all year round - it's my dream to buy a home there to retire. Our favorite was Hunt's Pier, Keystone Cops, Golden Nugget and Pirate Ship:) We would spend all day at the beach then the nice thing is most hotels are family owned and very welcoming. To this day I have 4 beautiful children and one grandchild and take them every year share wonderful unforgettable memories.”
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