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Share what you love about the Wildwoods!

People Love the Wildwoods and it shows… by all of the fans who have already “shared their love” of the Wildwoods below! We want you to “Share YOUR Love” of the Wildwoods, too.

Enjoy reading what our visitors have to say about why they love the Wildwoods… or visit this link and tell us for yourself!

  • “Old days”

    —rebecca puff, elmer, nj
    “When my brother was on leave from the Navy he would buy out the hymileya ride for my sister and me in the '60s. He died in 1967. This is a great memory we share. I was 13. My sister was 11.”
  • “Memories with Family and Friends”

    —Vic, Pennsauken, NJ
    “The greatest memories I have growing up were of going to the boards at night with my Mom & Dad and all my Aunts & Uncles, cousins and friends. We would go in the Photo shop on the boardwalk and have a picture taken of all of us together (staged) sitting in an old jalopy. We all still have that tiny picture and seeing it brings back a flood of memories of the ocean, the salt air, and the smell of suntan lotion. The Wildwoods are the best.”
  • “Wildwood is where we found LOVE!”

    —Frances Crowe-Morris, Lansdale , Pa
    “I went to Wildwood as a child staying at my Uncle's place in NW, he WAS the fudgey wudgey guy walking up and down the beach all day long. Then I would go with friends as a teenager (84-88) and then it happened... I met my true love. The man of my dreams was standing on the Boardwalk at 26th St. We were inseparable. We married in 92 and continue to vacation down where we found LOVE. We now bring our little girl and we stay at my cousin's place on Rio Grande. We'll be headed back again soon.”
  • “”

    —Jackie, Secaucus, NJ
    “I love Wildwood. I have spent all my summer vacations down there, so many great memories with my family and friends. I plan on vacationing down there this year again to show my grandson because we haven't been down for a while.”
  • “Beautiful Wildwood”

    —Monique, Ste-Anne-des Plaines, QC
    “Whenever we go to Wildwood I marveled at the vastness of the ocean, the huge boardwalk and sand dunes. I love to go swimming. The best of two worlds, the city and the sea nearby and we go camping where the nature around us relaxes us from work! Awesome, I like to go back often.”
  • “Love family, love life, love the Wildwoods ”

    —candice, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey
    “Love coming to Wildwood during my summers, walking on the boardwalk as a kid was the best thing growing up. As a kid I always love to hear "watch the tramcar please" and now as an adult I get to share that experience with my son. We have a new family tradition that we've been practicing for the last 7 years that is coming to a closer walk. We love it - love to experience an amazing God friendly Christian atmosphere. Praise God for all the work that he is doing through this amazing ministry. ”
  • “Beach, sand, boardwalk”

    —Ann, Charvy, Canada
    “Went to Wildwood in 1983 and 1984. Went back 2 years ago, and now can not wait to get back to the sun, beach, sand, boardwalk and great activities for all ages.”
  • “Villano Family Vacation”

    —Mary Ann, ,
    “For the past 23 years we have been going to Wildwood with our family which now includes nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephew and grandchildren. We missed a few years but have now returned for 5 days of family fun. We always stay at The Nassau Inn which is our home away from home. Pat and her staff always make our vacation wonderful. Can't wait for July.......”
  • “Boardwalk”

    —alexandra, Norristown, Pa
    “The family oriented boardwalk is one of my favorite things about Wildwood.”
  • “The best place to share fun”

    —Daniel Cloutier, Rosemere, Qc
    “We live in Montreal and the Wildwoods is the best place to have fun on the beach, the boardwalk and spend time on the family vacation. The weather in summer time is always beautifull!!!!!”
  • “Glad my husband is a firefighter.....”

    —Katie, Hillsborough, NJ
    “Each September, we travel to Wildwood Crest, and stay at the Villa Nova. As my husband attends various meetings at the Firefighters Relief Association Convention, there are many things for me to do!!! Early morning walks on the beach, excellent bicycling, the nature preserve, etc., etc. Such a nice relaxing few days off. Oh, and lots of good eating, also! We really enjoy the time we get to spend in the Wildwoods!!! Am counting the days now..........”
  • “Our Roots Are In Wildwood!”

    —Maria, Norwalk, CT
    “My husband and I always planned a vacation in Wildwood with our children. We absolutely adore it! Unfortunately, with hard economic times we have been forced to not go on vacation for a few years. Our children speak of Wildwood all the time. For us, we are of European descent so we were always so comfortable with Greek and Italian cuisine there, and we fit right in! We always had a pattern - it was beach or pool by day, and boardwalk at night. Great family place! ”
  • “Paradise!! :)”

    —Josianne Lemire, Canada, QC
    “I was 6 years old when I went there and I remember it as if it was yesterday. Today, being a mom of 2 beautiful children, I can't wait to show them this heaven on Earth! This project should come true this summer. I can't wait to show them the beach, the sea, the attractions, the wooden bridge with tons of shops and restaurants. People are very friendly there. I remember everything even if I was only 6 years old. That proves how much there is magic to Wildwood! ”
  • “We Love The Wildwoods!!!!!”

    —Matthew Paddock, Rochelle Park, NJ
    “My family and I started vacationing in Wildwood in 2004, specifically in Diamond Beach. We love the boardwalk and the endless hotels lining the streets. The apple fritters at Britton's Bakery are delectable! You can't beat the white sand beaches, turquoise water and breathtaking sunsets! Harbor Lights, Diamond Beach Bums, and South Street Station are always a blast. Carini's Pizza, Cheap Charlie's, and Cool Scoops are also favorite spots. We couldn't imagine a summer without a week (or 2) in Wildwood!”
  • “Everything!”

    —Laura, Union Beach, NJ
    “I love that the Wildwood Boardwalk starts out every morning by playing the National Anthem. Please don't ever stop. ”
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