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Share what you love about the Wildwoods!

People Love the Wildwoods and it shows… by all of the fans who have already “shared their love” of the Wildwoods below! We want you to “Share YOUR Love” of the Wildwoods, too.

Enjoy reading what our visitors have to say about why they love the Wildwoods… or visit this link and tell us for yourself!

  • “Summertime memories”

    —Dottie, Clayton, DE
    “My fondest childhood memories were going to North Wildwood with 3 generations of my family. I am now starting a tradition with my grandchildren coming every year to the Wildwoods. Walking the boardwalk, riding the tram car, and playing skee ball bring back the fondest memories of my brother, who had Downs Syndrome, who passed away 18 years ago. He lived for the boardwalk and getting his Lime Ricky. He loved saying "watch out for the tram car please" when we talked about our Wildwood Days! ”
  • “Loving me some Wildwoods ”

    —Michelle, Philadelphia, Pa
    “What I love is every single time I visit, I'm taken back to my childhood. The smell of the bay driving over the bridge into North Wildwood gets me so happy and excited. Even if it's just a day trip. I love especially now that I have celiacs disease that curleys fries is still something that I can indulge in while visiting. I enjoy walking down the boards and seeing all the old and new stores every year. And all the old hotels as well as the newer condos. I just love everything about Wildwood! ”
  • “Best memories ever!!”

    —Debra, Egg Harbor Township, Ne
    “35 years ago my husband and I spent our honeymoon there. We had the best time! The boardwalk was fabulous and all the people there were very nice. The restaurants were fantastic. I had my first Reuben sandwich there! We're so happy we came to Wildwood and we always tell our friends to go there because they'll always have a great time. Thanks Wildwood!!”
  • “i love Wildwood”

    —bettyann, Trenton, nj
    “I've loved Wildwood since i was a kid. I've visited Wildwood with my grandparents my parents & other family members. Now that I'm grown I'm gonna do the same with my kids & grandchildren so they can have the great fun memories that i have.”
  • “I love Wildwood”

    —bettyann, Trenton, nj
    “I've loved Wildwood since I was a kid. I've visited Wildwood with my grandparents my parents & other family members. Now that I'm grown I'm going to do the same with my kids & grandchildren so they can have the great fun memories that I have.”
  • “My Best Childhood Memories”

    —Melissa, Mertztown, PA
    “I LOVE Wildwood! Every year for 16 years my family would come to the Crest for our vacation. When I graduated I moved down for the summer to work on the boardwalk. It was a great experience! Now I bring my children to make new memories here. I would love to own property in Wildwood, so we could spend the whole summer! ”
  • “It's not just a place....”

    —Jaje, New castle, De
    “Wildwood is more than what people think. Some may think it's just a beach and boardwalk, but to a 16 year old (me) it's a place I can look back at and say, this is a place I'm definitely going to bring my kids someday. This would be my 10th summer going to Wildwood and for some reason it never gets old, they have everything a family could ask for! It's not just a place for family and fun, it's a memorable place that should never change. The boardwalk is where the memories are made.”
  • “Love the fishing”

    —Rod, Reading, pa
    “We come to Wildwood each year for deep sea fishing and are bringing dad along for a father's day weekend of deep sea fishing. Of course the great restaurants like Neil's keep us coming back to Wildwood as well!”
  • “Family fun for generations to come”

    —Melinda Stephens, Vineland, NJ
    “I grew up with Wildwood. We would go every Wednesday and we had our routine by starting on the beach for hours, than going to grab some lunch, rides for hours, and then finishing the day in the arcade. I think of all the fun we had each time we went. Now I get to do the same with my girls. Wildwood is the first beach they ever went to and the one they love and I look forward to all the wonderful memories we are going to create there. ”
  • “4 Generations, Love, Memories, & Unforgettable Experiences”

    —melissa, levittown, pa
    “All 4 generations of my family have spent countless summer days enjoying all that The Wildwoods has to offer! All of us have our favorite "must-dos" while we are in town! From laying around on the beautiful beaches, walking the boards, snacking on Curley's Fries, pizza or fudge, to riding each ride on Morey's Piers! I was so lucky to get a chance to share the love Wildwood with my Grandmom, Mom & daughter last year. It was short but I have this special picture to always remember that day! Thanks!”
  • “Beautiful beach!”

    —Christopher, Ocean, NJ
    “I just love the beautiful wide beaches!”
  • “Wild for Wildwood ”

    —Bev Dunne, Churchville, Pa
    “Love all the activities available from beach to boardwalk, to boating, to fireworks and free concerts, years of memories both as a kid and now with my kids. Nothing beats Wildwood, it has something special for everyone and for all ages!”

    —Lisa, Lindenwold, NJ
    “We've been going to the Crest for many years. Day trips, summer vacations. We can't WAIT till summer gets here every year! It's the only place we go to! The long beaches gives us plenty of room to relax and play! Clean, quiet, family friendly and can't beat it!!! :-) Born and raised here in Jersey and it's simply THE BEST!!!!!”
  • “Wildwood love!”

    —Brianna, Sewell, Nj
    “When I was 16 I was spending my summer vacation day dreaming about the boy who worked at the arcade. I ended up leaving the shore for the summer and never getting to meet him. Towards the end of the season my family wanted to take another trip to the shore! I just so happen to see the boy I had a crush on working at the arcade! Me and my cousin decided to meet him and we ended up dating for a year. Five years went by and we ended up finding love again!!!!! Thanks to Wildwood;)”
  • “Beautiful Beaches”

    —Anne, Piscataway, NJ
    “Our family loves the wide, free beaches and the amusements. It was wonderful to bring the children as they grew up and know that they would enjoy themselves on the beach, in the ocean and on the boardwalk. Now that they are grown I still love to come and enjoy the Wildwoods. ”
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